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Save time naming & exporting your solidworks data

Automatic unique filenames based on your standard groupes.

Works with every ERP and PDM system 

Caddossier Tour

Getting started

Before starting to work with Caddossier, you only have to setup your own:

  1. Grouplist
  2. Filenaming scheme


Tipically your grouplist consist of a set of Make & Buy groups. The default factory setup we provided looks like this:

  • [1] Layouts
  • [2] Main Assemblies
  • [3] Weld Assemblies
  • [4] Tubes
  • [5] Sheetmetal
  • [PT] Power Transmission
  • [BR} Bearings
  • etc


Caddossier Grouplist

Simply click on the Group Icon to change the groupsettings.

Filename scheme

a scheme is nothing more than a fixes combination of your Dossiername and your group, mostly enden your Unique ID

i.e. The standard filename scheme looks like this : <Group>-<Dossier>-<Unique Id>. You can change the Filescheme simply by clicking on the filescheme button.


Each newly made, copied or renamed filename is based on your filenamingscheme and counters

i.e. 5017-23503-JD0012 :

  • in the standard provid group & filescheme this is:
  • a 5 -> Sheetmetal
  • 017 -> Sheetmetal counter is 17
  • 23503 -> Dossier name, tipically this is a project or machine number
  • JD0012 -> 12th file created by the drafsman 'JD'

 Best practice

Start your filename scheme with a Group. Doing so, the explorer can easily sort by group. Sorting by dossier number or Draftsman is less usefull.



Filtering your files is now extremely easy. You can filter looking for files in the explorer or in your exported excel-bom.

Caddossier filter explorer     Caddossier Excel Filter

So by using the caddossier filenaming software you have build automatically a consistent filestructure! 

Start using Caddossier today : free 60 days trial